Monday, May 23, 2011

My Monday

I went to the dentist for an exam/cleaning today. I have a cavity...two, actually. I'm really sad about this. I kind of feel like I've failed. These are my first cavities.

Elsie read/followed along with the pictures in the BOB books tonight. There's no doubt she figured out some of the words by looking at the pictures, but there was some definite reading going on as well. I was so proud!

I've been a little too lax in my eating the last few weeks. I was just sick of caring. But today I'm back on the wagon. I forgot how hard it is. I've realized, too, that part of my problem has been boredom. Aaron's gone a lot, Elsie and I are home a lot, and I like food. Not a great combination! It also doesn't help that I'm obsessed with this show called "Unique Sweets" on the cooking channel. I now have several bakeries I need to go to when I go to any of the major U.S. cities.

I'm not subbing anymore this school year. It feels so good to not think about that. The last day I subbed a couple weeks ago was rough. End of the school year + having a sub = Horrible behavior. I really had to hold my tongue a couple of times. It's amazing how aggravating second graders can be. This whole subbing thing has made me question whether or not I want to go back to teaching. Is it really my thing? I remember loving it, but is that just because I was young, energetic, and taught in Utah County? It's still my plan in a couple of years (you can't beat the schedule!) but I'm a little nervous about it. I just keep telling myself that subbing is not the same as teaching...right?!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Please tell me I'm not the only one!

I promise I am not searching for compliments or anything like that because of this post!!!

Do you ever see yourself in a picture and realize you so made the wrong choice on what to wear that day?! It's like you see yourself so differently in your mind or even in the mirror, and then reality hits when you see the picture. I'm having that realization with the pants I wore during my race. I know this sounds comletely petty and ridiculous, but I truly wish I could turn back time and change my pants. Ha!

And I won't even mention the headband. That was a choice made out of necessity!

Oh, and I won't even mention the dang serious face I make while I'm running. That's just too embarrassing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

our life

I love knowing what's going on with people. I love knowing about the day to day life of the people I love. I love that I can get on the computer and have a "conversation" with all the people I love while I read their blogs or check facebook. It really makes me happy. I know I don't comment enough...mostly laziness (I'm not going to lie!). I love feeling connected.

I went out to lunch with a couple cousins a couple weeks and had a blast catching up on life. We talked non-stop for like two hours and it felt like no time at all.

Whether it's reading a blog or having lunch at Carl's Jr., I love knowing about your life.

Here's what's going on here:

One of the questions we get asked all the time is "Are you guys moving to Utah?" The answer is "Yes"...but we don't know when. We have a plan to try to get down there by the end of summer. Aaron is doing some extra work to pay off some debt and get ourselves in a better position to make the leap, but we are still unsure if this summer or next year would be better. Aaron is planning on going out on his own when we get down there, so there's some preparation and risk involved. It will happen when we feel we are prepared enough. There will never be an easy time to do it, but it's got to feel both of us. That's hard!

Like I said, Aaron is doing some extra work at night, so Elsie and I have had to get used to not having him around a lot. Fortunately, it just weeknights, so we really cherish the weekend! I am so grateful that he's making this sacrifice. When I start feeling sorry for myself on the long days, I just remind myself that I'm the one that gets to stay home and chill with Elsie. He's definitely got the short end of the stick. He's always home for dinner, and we love that.

We don't have any vacations planned for this summer because we are saving up and paying off stuff as much as we can. I hate not having plans. We'll see how long I last. Jared/Lindsay...I'm sure you'll be seeing Elsie and I sometime this summer for a little getaway! It's so hard to plan for the summer with things so up in the air.

Even with all this on our minds every day, life is great. And that feels good. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I confess

Yes, I am watching Justin Bieber: Never Say Never with Elsie!

During one of the concert performances, Elsie turned to me and said, "Okay, he pointed at me."

I know I shouldn't be encouraging this, but I can't help it.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Elsie and I are coloring. I was sitting there trying to decide what color I wanted to use. She asked me what I was doing and I told her. She said, "Well, you can use one that is available. Blue is available, yellow is available, etc...." Is she really only four?! She cracks me up!

She also got a little irritated with me because I didn't put the marker back in rainbow order. I laugh now, but I fear for the future.

(Just a side note: Elsie can now officially say her "k" sound. She worked so hard and is so proud of herself every time she does it.)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great Potato!

I did it! I ran a half marathon, and it felt pretty darn good!I originally set this goal last year, but I wasn't able to finish training and do the race because I got hurt. It was so important for me to be able to do it this year for so many reasons. I just needed to do it! There was a group of ladies from the ward that were training for it also, so it was so fun to have that in common and be able to suport each other.

This is all of us before the race. Anne, Jenn, Pam, Deidre, and I.

I'm not a fast runner, but I ran the whole thing and felt pretty good the whole time. My official time was 2 hrs. 13 min., but I'm taking a few minutes of that because we were in the very back at the start of the race. It took a long while to get going.

Pam's husband Dave drove us up to the start line, so we wouldn't feel so rushed in the morning. We took a little pit stop on the way up, but my nerves were still getting the best of me. After taking some pre-race pictures, we headed to the port-a-potties with just a few minutes left before the start. I was officially the last person out! How funny! The guy even announced it over the loudspeaker that they were all clear. Haha!!

During most of my training I ran by myself, so it was hard for me to get used to having so many people around me. I really enjoyed it when things started to spread out more. I loved having familiar faces along the way though... like my friends that were running and some of their husbands/families that watched along the way. (I told Aaron that they could just meet me at the finish line. He seemed relieved! It was his birthday, so I had to give him a little break.)

Aaron snapped some pictures of me right before the finish line. (I know the headband was SO not cool, but it did the job!)

The half marathon finishers! Pam, Me, Deidre, and Jenn. Our friend, Anne, ran the full marathon, so she's not in the end of the race pics.

Aaron, Elsie, and I after the race. I was so glad to see them!!

I had to get a picture with Pam. She rocks! She's a great friend, and has been such an important part of my life.

Besides some stomach issues the rest of the day, it was a great experience! Now, time to train for the St. George Marathon!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I am loved

This is really just for me. I had a great weekend, and I don't want to forget this happy feeling.

Ang and Q (and Robert) came through Friday night on their way down to Utah. It's always fun to see them. Elsie and Q played and played. We ate good food and got Coldstone. Just a nice night.

Saturday I did my last long run before my half marathon this Saturday. I ran ten miles. It was hard, but very satisfying.

Aaron, Elsie, and I spent the whole weekend together. They got me some workout stuff, and then we went to get me a shirt as well. I was so happy because Aaron got me stuff that I had really been wanting. It was a nice surprise!

Aaron had to speak in church on Sunday. He did a great job. (He keeps running over it in his mind, and thinks it was horrible. So wrong!!!) It was honestly the best present I got!! There is no doubt he loves his girls (as he always says)!

Plus, Aaron and I ended the weekend with a game, and I won!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fire Station

We had such a great trip down to Utah for Easter (and I've got plenty more pictures to share), but one of the highlights was going to visit Uncle Jeff at the fire station. We did it for Elsie, but I had just as much fun as her. Jeff took us in a ride in the big truck. Elsie got to do the siren, the horn, and the lights. I got to ride in the back with Lexi.

Elsie and Lexi up by the ladder. She thought it was pretty cool to be able to climb up there.

Thanks Jeff!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting Ready for Easter

We saw "HOP" at the theatre! (Just to prove I was there...this was Elsie's attempt at taking a picture of us)

And, of course, we dyed eggs! (And we got to do it again at Grandma and Grandpa's...more of that come later.)

Since having all these hard-boiled eggs, Elsie has discovered that she loves boiled egg whites...not the yolk. She'll just keep eating as long as I keep giving them to her. I guess we can add this to the extremely random list of food she'll eat.

april randoms

Aaron and Elsie planted some tulip bulbs for me on my birthday in October. We sure have enjoyed watching the flowers come and up and blossom this spring.

(side note on the tulips: While we were in Utah for Easter, my neighbor texted me to let me know that a couple girls had taken a bunch of tulips from our yard. She saw them right after doing it and came out and yelled at them. She told them that was stealing and to never do it again. These were not little girls. She said they were like 12-ish. Lame!!! What is wrong with kids?!) Charlie relaxing on a warm Sunday afternoon. I can't wait for him to always be this way. He's still crazy most of the time!!

Elsie has decided that my old sunglasses are hers now. She has a bunch of cute ones just her size, but these are her favorite by far.

Pam and I went to Michael's to get some stuff for a craft project, and Elsie and Hailey kept themselves entertained while we shopped.

Elsie trying on all of Daddy's bike stuff after his long ride. She can't wait to do races like him.