Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is it worth it?!

Day 3 of "diet" (or not eating crap all the time)

I've had a permanent headache since Monday, I've been way too emotional - major cry fest!, I got mad at Aaron for chewing his almond M&M's too loud (really I was just jealous that I wasn't eating them).

I guess this is what happens when you're used to having strawberry pie every other night and eating several bowls of cereal each day.

I'm hoping things will get better over the next few days! I've done it before!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Emmett Triathlon

Aaron competed in another triathlon a couple weekends ago. He had a good time, did better than the one in July, and we got to be there to watch! We drove up to the reservoir to watch the swimming start, but we had to leave right away because they wouldn't let anyone out of the park once the race started. We were sad to miss that, and we didn't get any pictures. So Elsie and I headed back in to town to find a spot to watch. We thought we'd be able to drive around and see him on his back in a few different spots but it was too hard to manage with Elsie and not knowing the town very well. We found a perfect little spot to sit and watch all the bikers come in to the second transition area. As soon as we saw Aaron, we both started cheering and screaming so loud!
I was standing right across from him as he was getting his running stuff on and yelling out his name. As you can see, he didn't notice me at all. He told me after the race that he doesn't remember hearing me or seeing either of us. He was in the zone!

Elsie was a trooper! We had to sit in the sun and wait and wait. Love that girl!

They had a loop that they had to run twice that came right by the finish line. We got to see him in action. I think it's just cruel to let them come so close to the finish line and then make them run 3 more miles.

Coming up on the finish line!!

Family picture...with a very tired Elsie!
It was a great day. We loved cheering Aaron on and watching for some other friends from our ward who were also participating. I think I might've even caught the triathlon bug...we'll see. Only down side to the day is Aaron's wedding ring came off in the lake while he was swimming. He wanted a new one anyway...I think he did it on purpose!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Daddy loves smart girls

Aaron always tells Elsie that he loves girls that are smart (I guess I fall into that least I was once upon a time). The other day I was complimenting her on her artwork and telling her what a smarty pants she was for being able to write her name (and spell it on her own...I know I'm bragging!). She said, "Daddy loves smart girls!"


Aaron has really enjoyed training for and doing triathlons. I don't know how he does it (especially the swimming), but we enjoy watching him and cheering him on! Aaron had a his first triathlon of the summer the Saturday following the 4th. He had come home earlier that week from Washington so he could work and get ready for the race. Elsie and I stayed up there to hang out with family and then woke up REALLY early Saturday morning and drove to Boise from Jared and Lindsay's house. We wanted to be able to be there when he finished the race! We made it in time and were waiting for him at the finish line.

Elsie was ready to give him two thumbs up!
Hooray! He finished! He was pretty dead after this race because they didn't have any energy stuff along the way that most races have. But he still looks that smile!
We all enjoyed the after race snacks.

We were so proud of Aaron! Elsie loves watching him race and can't stop talking about wanting to do races with Daddy. In a few years we'll have to sign her up for one.

(Horrible picture of me...I had been driving for 5 hours and didn't do my hair!)
He has another race this weekend in Emmett. We get to watch the whole thing this time!

More Charlie Pics

I am horrible at taking pictures, but these are the best we have of our cute, little puppy, Charlie.

Here he is at 16 weeks.
And here at 19 weeks. We think he's hit a bit of a plateau. I'm sure he'll get taller, but I wish he would stay this size. I can handle this size and it's not too big for Elsie.

Charlie - about 13 weeks old

Rarely am I in a picture with Charlie, so here it is!