Thursday, July 23, 2009

This made my day!

As Elsie and I were driving in the car this morning, I said to her "I love you, Else" and for the first time she said back to me "I love you too, Mom." Clear as day. She didn't just say "Thanks" like she usually does or say nothing at all. Oh, it made me so happy. I needed that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I know you've been anxiously waiting... here it is. I've finally updated the blog with our July happenings. Enjoy!

One note about Elsie. Her vocabulary/speaking skills seem to advancing more rapidly. She now loves to call out to me in a whiny voice "Mom, I'm hungry". What I hear is (everyone imagine Jared's Asian whore accent...and if you've never heard it, you are truly missing out) "Mom, I hawny". I laugh every time she says it. Yes, I have the humor of a ten-year-old boy. Jared, we'll have to have her perform for this weekend, and you can give us your professional opinion. (Side note: I just typed this section after I took an ambien. I hope it makses sense. The screen looks really weird and the lights on the keyboard are trippin' me out.)


If Gigi and Qiana were a celebrity couple...they would be Gigiana. That's the name Elsie came up with for the two of them this weekend. It eventually did turn into Gigi and Ana (still working on the Qi part)...two of Elsie's most favorite people. We were so glad to have them come down to visit us this past weekend. I had been looking so forward to it.

We did a whole lot of nothing, visited lots, ate some yummy food, played outside with the girls when it wasn't cruddy weather, and enjoyed being together.

Look at this cute girl. She is seriously one of the best babies I've ever been around. She's so happy, content, mellow, cute, cuddly, wiggly...all rolled into one.

We went to the park and Elsie got to show off her sliding skills.
And her bubbling skills.

Taking a little break on the table...looking a little too cool for school. He he.

Elsie loves to kiss!
Getting ready for church. I guess neither one was too excited about that.
(Thanks for letting me steal some pictures off your blog, Ang.) Love you and miss you guys!

cowgirls say "yeehaw"

I signed Elsie up for a little horse riding class given by some young women who used to be in our ward. This family has some acreage and raises miniature horses. It was a two-day class, and she was going to take it with a couple of her friends. I knew she was a bit young, but she was going to love it. She was beyond thrilled the first day we were there. She couldn't help but smile and dance around. Olivia, Elsie, and Ellie
They taught her how to brush the horse.

She got to walk out into the pasture and pet the horses. There was also a little pony that she loved. Sam (the girl doing the class) said that Elsie kissed the pony when they went out to say hi.

They got to ride the horse around the property a few times.

And take a ride on the cart.
Leaning forward as she rode uphill. Good girl, following the directions. :)

Elsie and Olivia riding on the cart.

They got to feed the horse a treat at the end of the lesson.
So, Angie and Qiana were set the arrive that night. I let Elsie stay up to see them before she went to bed. It ended up being quite the late night, which set us up for a disastrous day two! At least Gigi smiled for the picture.

She insisted on Gigi holding her hand the whole time she was riding. Spoiled!!

It's like we're torturing her or something.
Finally Gigi bribed her with a treat and play time if she would just smile for one picture. What a stinker!
I'm glad she enjoyed the first day and only wish Angie could've seen her when she was all excited about everything. Maybe next year?!
A little video from day one. :)

You're a Grand Ol' Flag

We were able to drive down to Utah for the 4th this year. It was a quick, busy, FUN weekend!

Elsie kissing Harper. She loves babies!!
Elsie and her cousin Ashley. So glad we got to see Ash while she was down from BYUI.

Corny picture of the two of us.
And then the three of us.
Aaron and his brothers, Greg and Jeff.

Harper and her cute dress and headband made by Piper.
Nicole and Jeff.

Cannon...such a fun, happy kid.
And the fireworks begin...

Watching the jets flyover for the Stadium of Fire. It was pretty cool!

lovin' the water

We made a stop at the Scera Pool while we were in Orem for the 4th of July. Elsie loved the water, of course, and we enjoyed getting out in the sun and playing with her.

A random picture from later that day.