Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our usual activities

Two things that Elsie loves is to 1: watch The Wiggles and 2: visit GiGi and Grandma at the office.
Why does she get such a crusty face when she's watching her favorite show? Because Mom was being super annoying trying to get her to smile for the camera. She does not like to be interrupted.
Elsie loves to sit on GiGi's (and Grandma's...she wasn't at the office when I came in today) lap and play with her pens and type on her keyboard. Then she crawls around and explores the whole back office...never letting go of her pens. We come in at least once a week so I can use the fast internet. It really is quite fun! We look forward to it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Loving the sun!

It's finally nice weather that we can enjoy outside. It is so wonderful! We sat out on a blanket the other day while Aaron mowed the lawn. Elsie had a great time climbing all over me...except when she went face-planted on the cement. She kind of scuffed up her nose. Poor thing...I think that might be her first big owwie.

Don't you love her "too cool" face she makes when she's wearing her sunglasses?! Elsie and her cousins, Dylan and Riley. (Well, they are my first cousins...what does that make them for Elsie?) She's been having a lot of fun playing with them.
She's already mastering the "sexy pout"!! I see magazine covers in her future.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

tooty fruity!

Elsie loves to toot! She gets this face when she's about to toot (kind of like she's up to something) and then totally laughs when she does it. How funny is that?! And to top it off, it's ten times more funny when she toots in the bath. I think she was kind of fascinated with that today! Can you tell she belongs to Aaron and I?!

walkin' & cryin' & breakin'

Well, Elsie is making strides in her efforts to walk. She loves to walk along furniture and walk while holding our hands. It does look pretty cute with her short, little legs. We've decided the reason she's having a hard time walking on her own is that her torso is so much longer than her legs. I love it! Yesterday, she finally decided she was able to walk while pushing her hippo. It always moved too fast for her before, but she can keep up with it now! Elsie has mastered the art of throwing fits already. She is good! She'll just throw herself on the floor (often times banging her head in the process...you'd think she'd learn) and cries and cries. I guess it doesn't help when your mom is trying to take pictures of you being upset. Thank goodness most of the time she is an absolute delight!

We are very excited for "So You Think You Can Dance?!" at our house. Elsie loves to dance to music and claps her hands. I think Carson may have some competition. This is her latest move. I see hip-hop in her future...don't you think?!