Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Another great Halloween has come and gone, and I've eaten half of Elsie's candy already!

Elsie was a witch this year.  We looked online to get ideas of what she could be this year, and she thought the witch idea was the best.  Not that I don't love all things Disney, but it was nice to do something different this year.  Qiana decided she also wanted to be a witch with Elsie, so they ended up being the cutest coordinating witches ever!

Elsie had a carnival at school that I helped with that turned out to be really fun.  I love getting to be at these school things with her.  The whole school did a parade at the end of the day.  I must say, I do love how people in Utah get into Halloween!  (There you have it, I do have nice things to say about Utah, too.  Haha!)   
Elsie before school.  She wouldn't take the broom to school, but at least I got a picture.

She was cracking herself up!

Elsie and her Kinder buddies.

She wouldn't look at me during the parade.  I guess I had reached my picture-taking limit.

Angie and Q came down in the afternoon to eat dinner and go trick-or-treating.  We had some snacks and Aaron and I carved our pumpkins in a hurry.  After a couple servings of buffalo chicken dip, the girls were antsy to get out.  We had such a great evening with the beautiful weather and two girls that were having a ball.
Cute witches...don't you think?!   (I had to wait until Angie was there for her to do make-up!)

Aaron was there.

Elsie as Wednesday.  One of my friends dressed her whole family as the Addams Family but was missing Wednesday.  I think they needed to borrow Elsie!

Our jack-o-lanterns.

Besides the meltdowns at the end of the night, I would say the day was quite a success!  And I'm throwing the candy away since Elsie doesn't even like it.  Well, maybe I'll have a couple more pieces first!