Monday, December 19, 2011

November Blog

I can't believe I am just now blogging about November. As you can tell, my blogging motivation is at an all time low. Hmmmm...maybe that means I'll get Christmas cards out in February.

Aaron switched offices early in November. He is renting space from a guy he knew from law school. The office is in Spanish Fork, and so far it's working out great. He has enjoyed being so close to home. He's learning all sorts of new stuff and getting different kind of work. He's glad to be branching out from just criminal law.

Elsie loves being around family. She asks me every day who we are going to see that day. She really loves living with Jeff and Nicole's family, playing with them whenever she gets a chance.

We went to Disney on Ice with Ang and Q. It did not disappoint. I thought it was a great show. The costumes and music were awesome, and we got to see all the princesses. Bonus!

Aaron took this picture of Elsie while she was sleeping to show how she has to tuck in her snuggle stuff when she goes to sleep. Cute!

We spent Thanksgiving here in Utah. We went out to eat at Mimi's with Jeff, Nicole, Alexis, Gary, Sylvia, Angie, and Qiana. It was delicious, and tasted extra good because nobody had to cook it or clean it! Then we headed over to Gary/Sylvia's house to hang out, watch some football, and eat more snacks. Greg and Piper came down with the kids, and we had a great time. Angie had planned some cute games for the kids to play, like a turkey hunt in the backyard. It was a big hit!

The kids ended the night with a little movie watching on the bed, while us ladies stuffed our faces upstairs. haha!

There's November for ya!