Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day of First Grade

Today was the first day of school.  I have a lot of mixed emotions about this!  I miss her already, and it's only 12:30.  But I did I love going to the store by myself and taking my time as I walked around!  I'm feeling real happy and relaxed right now, but I also know I have to start "working" for Aaron real soon.  We have officially entered a new stage of life!

Elsie has been looking forward to starting school.  She's been a little nervous about lunchtime, but we've come up with enough ideas that have helped her feel better. 

I woke her up plenty early this morning, got her showered and dressed, let her take her time eating breakfast.  It was a very pleasant morning.  We had time for pictures, but she still wouldn't stand on the front porch to pose.  We tried the back, but it was too windy!  We got the pictures inside while we laughed about how grumpy she was last year. Then we were off to school!

I told her I wanted to walk her in, and at first she said no.  Then she realized I really wanted to, so she said I could.  Haha!  There were so many parents in there with cameras, so I wasn't the only crazy one.  I wanted a picture by the classroom door, but she wouldn't do it.  Finally I got her teacher to pose with her, so she couldn't get away. 

Right after that, she walked right in the room, put her backpack away, moved her lunch magnet, sat down at her desk, and started coloring.  All business!  I managed to get a hug from her in the middle of all this.  Then I stood out in the hallway and watched her.  She looked up a few different times and saw me staring at her.  She gave me a cute smile and continued on with her work.  I love that girl!