Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring Recital

Elsie just had her spring dance recital, and she did awesome!!

Grandma and Grandpa Wise and Angie and Qiana (why didn't we get a picture with them??) came to enjoy the show. Aaron gave her flowers after her performances, and she thought that was so cool.

Elsie's springtime activities

A sleepover with Q!
Dressing up!  Elsie has a bunch of dress-up clothes, but she never really plays with them unless Q is around.  But nothing beats Q's collection!

Tea party with the stuffed animals.  She set this all up by herself.  I thought it was so sweet.
Enjoying a little treat at Kneaders before watching the BYU ballroom dance show.
A warm day at the park during Spring Break with Q, Nick, Riley, and Mattex.
Water fun!
Us at the ballroom show.  What a fun night!  The performances were all so awesome.  Plus we got to go down after the show and see Courtney in her gown.  The girls were in total awe!


We didn't get very much snow this year, which I didn't mind at all!  (I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to face a real Utah winter.)  But we did get a couple good snow falls, and Elsie was able to get out and play in the snow.  Aaron pulled her all around on her sled, and Charlie even took a turn pulling her.  


Aaron went away overnight, so Elsie and I invited some buddies over to play while their parents went on a date. These kids are some of my favorite to have around. So sweet and fun and kind!