Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm a soccer mom!

We signed Elsie up for soccer with the city.  We had been looking forward to seeing her get out there in her cute little shin guards and dribble the ball around.  She did great at her BYU soccer camp this summer and the clinic the city put on a few weeks ago.

We missed her first two practices while we were up in WA at the reunion, but she was able to make it to one final practice.  She was mostly just bugged that the uniform was so big.  I don't blame her...why can't they make them smaller?!

The day of her first game came, and we were pumped.  Ang and Q came down to hang out, eat dinner, and watch the game.  I had to wake Elsie up from a little power nap (problem #1) to eat some dinner, which she didn't have time to finish (problem #2).  Then we put on her uniform, and she was really upset at how everything fit (problem #3).  We drove to the game and got there right as it was starting (problem #4), so we told her to run over to her coach and team to get going.  She freaked out!  She did not want to play.  She was crying, clinging, etc.  Aaron was mostly trying to deal with her, so we wouldn't make a scene.  The coach kept telling her that she could sub in whenever she was ready, but she wasn't having it.  Aaron finally took her to the car because he was about to lose it!  He got real serious (as in, a little crazy) in there and even threatened to never go to Disneyland again if she didn't play.  That was funny!  We were about to just leave, but she finally said she would play goalie.  (Then she wouldn't have to be in the mix of things.)

Well, she finally went in to the game.  Aaron and the coach helped her along, and she eventually even moved positions and ran around a bit.

She had fun!  We knew she would.  By the end of the game, she was all smiles.  (I thought she was just being a baby and throwing a fit, but the more I think about it, I think she gets real anxiety and has a hard time with new situations...especially when it comes to performing.)

I was so glad that it turned out to be a great experience.  Her coach was awesome and really made her feel good.  A couple days later we went to her second game, and she was all over the place.  She got the ball several times, dribbled it almost the whole way down the field and tried for a goal, and got to be silly with the other girls.  She still doesn't like to really get in there and try to get the ball.  She is not aggressive AT ALL, but she was figuring it out.