Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

This month has been really fun and festive!

We started off with decorating the house. Elsie really enjoys helping me put ornaments on the tree.
Notice how they are all bunched at the bottom of the tree. My friend and I hosted a cookie exchange, so Elsie and I made some sugar cookies for all the kids to decorate.

We got together with some friends to decorate graham cracker houses.

We've had the Christmas music playing, and Elsie is learning the words to all the songs. We're all super fans of good ol' Bing Crosby stuff thanks to Aaron. Elsie has been opening the doors on her advent, and loves getting a little something every morning. I've got most of the my shopping done, but I can't figure out what to get Aaron. It always stresses me out...I am not a good gift giver. I think it's the perfectionist in me. Oh well, I'll figure it out.

Snow Day

We got a bunch of snow a couple of weeks ago. It was more snow than we've had in a long time. Elsie and I bundled up and went down to our friends house to play. I had to carry Elsie all the way down the road because the snow was too deep for her to walk in.

We made some snowmen. Our friend, Ellie, made this one all by herself.

Pam and I thought it would be fun to make BSU and BYU snowmen, so I made the trek back to my house to gather up some BYU gear. We thought it turned out pretty cute! When I showed Aaron the picture when he got home, he just said, "You guys are weird." I guess he didn't appreciate our talents!
Elsie got round two of playing when Daddy got home from work.

I'm so grateful I got to enjoy the day with Elsie and didn't have to go anywhere. I'm so grateful for a husband who gets out and shovels snow right away, so we can get around easier. I'm so grateful we don't have this much snow all the time!!

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had such a great Thanksgiving! We went up to Jared/Lindsay's house and spend the weekend with all my siblings. Ang and Q came down from ML, and Mitch came in from New York.

It really was just the perfect weekend. The kids played and played...I hardly saw Elsie at all. We stayed up late, played lots of games, ate TONS of food, went out to eat without the kiddos, watched football, danced, visited, and went to the movie.

All the ladies went to see "Tangled" while the boys watched football. Elsie had been looking forward to it so much. Grandma and Grandpa Wise bought her this Rapunzel doll when we were down there last, and she sleeps with it every night. She brought it to the theatre and held it for most of the movie. The girls having a water and popcorn "tea" party.

There was a lot of climbing, playing, wrestling, and horse-riding. Carson is a good sport!
And, of course, staying up late and having sleepovers.

We had a great Thanksgiving meal. I made some rolls (my first time ever...they were pretty good and kept the kids fed for the next 4 days!). We had a great turkey, lots of yummy side dished made by Mitch and Lindsay, and yummy desserts...pumpkin cheesecake and cupcakes. Dessert is always my favorite part!

The whole gang!


I took Elsie and couple friends to a movie. They had a good time. I'll admit, I was a little nervous taking three girls all by mself, but they were so good. They sat in their seats and ate their treats. I snuck a few treats in for myself as well! Just some cute pictures of Elsie running. I just love the faces she makes when she's working hard and concentrating.