Monday, December 19, 2011

November Blog

I can't believe I am just now blogging about November. As you can tell, my blogging motivation is at an all time low. Hmmmm...maybe that means I'll get Christmas cards out in February.

Aaron switched offices early in November. He is renting space from a guy he knew from law school. The office is in Spanish Fork, and so far it's working out great. He has enjoyed being so close to home. He's learning all sorts of new stuff and getting different kind of work. He's glad to be branching out from just criminal law.

Elsie loves being around family. She asks me every day who we are going to see that day. She really loves living with Jeff and Nicole's family, playing with them whenever she gets a chance.

We went to Disney on Ice with Ang and Q. It did not disappoint. I thought it was a great show. The costumes and music were awesome, and we got to see all the princesses. Bonus!

Aaron took this picture of Elsie while she was sleeping to show how she has to tuck in her snuggle stuff when she goes to sleep. Cute!

We spent Thanksgiving here in Utah. We went out to eat at Mimi's with Jeff, Nicole, Alexis, Gary, Sylvia, Angie, and Qiana. It was delicious, and tasted extra good because nobody had to cook it or clean it! Then we headed over to Gary/Sylvia's house to hang out, watch some football, and eat more snacks. Greg and Piper came down with the kids, and we had a great time. Angie had planned some cute games for the kids to play, like a turkey hunt in the backyard. It was a big hit!

The kids ended the night with a little movie watching on the bed, while us ladies stuffed our faces upstairs. haha!

There's November for ya!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had such a great Halloween this year! We went over to Greg and Piper's for a some Halloween fun. Gary, Sylvia, Angie, and Q joined us as well. They made us a wonderful chili/baked potato dinner, we went out trick-or-treating, and decorated cookies.

All the kids were dressed up so cute! The girls represented Disney quite well, don't you think?!

A little shout out to Angie who helped me (okay, she did the whole thing) get Elsie's "Rapunzel" wig ready and styled. Elsie felt so cool in it!

Elsie had a great time going house to house. She loved running ahead with Cannon, and we had to keep reminding them to wait up for Q and Harper. The weather was so gorgeous, and we were all so happy we didn't have to cover up the cute costumes with coats!

There's nothing like a little sugar to top off the night! We also caught her licking the frosting off the knife.

I've decided I really want to become a Halloween person. I want to go all out decorating the house/yard. I loved walking around to each house and seeing their decorations and costumes. What a great night!


We had the chance to go up to Gardner's Village to meet up with a dear family friend, Janice, and take part in Witchfest. The whole shopping village is decorated for Halloween, and witches set up in fun costumes all around. There's a little scavenger hunt you can do to find all of them, so, of course, we did that. We shopped around, ate some treats, and visited. Janice also treated Elsie to a little glitter face paint. That was super awesome!

I loved the fun Halloween spirit. I can't wait to dress up next year! I loved getting to visit with Janice.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Patch #2

(I hate when I can't get the writing at the top of the blog!)

Qiana's preschool class had a field trip to the pumpkin patch, so Ang invited Elsie and I along for the fun.

One of Elsie's favorite areas was the petting farm where you got to go in with the animals and pet them.

Aren't they scary???

Fall Festivities

We have enjoyed getting into the Fall/Halloween spirit this year. Jeff and Nicole decorate their yard with gravestones, skeletons, ghosts, etc, and Elsie loves to talk about how we live in a haunted house.

We went to the first pumpkin patch of the year with some good friends. Elsie enjoyed the corn pit most of all!

more fall festivities to come...

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Yes, I've blogged!!!

I plan to do more very soon. It's an overwhelming task at this point. Why do I do this to myself?!

My Girls!

Note to self: Plan an Earl Girl Reunion every year on your birthday!!

Our reunion happened to fall on my birthday this year, and it was so amazing! We had the best time. There's so much to say, but everyone has said it so well already.

I'll just say I love them all, I admire them all, I enjoyed them all, and I love that they are my bestest friends and cousins!Check out more pics and details here and here.

St. George Marathon

Aaron got in to the St. George Marathon this year. So we headed down with Jeff and Nicole's group. We got to stay with them in their condo and enjoyed the warm weather, lots of good food/treats, games, swimming.

The race went pretty well for Aaron. He had spent time preparing this summer, but hadn't been able to run as much since the move. He wasn't feeling as prepared as he would've liked, but he was ready and excited to run. He ended up running the race in 4 hr. 7 min. Of course, he still thinks it sucks, but we were so proud of him and excited for how awesome he did. We set up to see him (and Jeff, their nephew, and his wife) at about mile 23. They were pretty dead by then, but Aaron still stopped to say hi and pose!
I had thought at one point in time that it would be fun to do a marathon. I have officially decided that I never want to. It took Aaron most of the day to get to feeling back to normal. But, he's crazy and wants to do it again!

Us ladies did a little Mayor's Walk the morning of the race. It was such a beautiful morning for a nice walk, and we got scones at the end. That's my kind of "race!"

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's official

We've moved! It's been a long week...a lot of packing, cleaning, driving, unpacking, organizing, errand running, visiting...exhausting. But we are doing well!! Plus we've got our trip to CA coming up next week that we are so excited about. It will the be the perfect ending to the summer, and then we can really face reality when we get back.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Swim lessons

About a month ago I was trying to decide if I should sign Elsie up for swim lessons. We had been taking her swimming a bunch, but she refused to put her head underwater. I was also nervous about the fact that she might not be tall enough for lessons. I debated (way more than I needed to!!!) but finally decided to sign her up for the preschool class at the Caldwell Pool.

She had a few weeks between the registration date and the start of lessons. I was amazed at how much she improved during that time. By the time we started lessons, she was a pro. She probably didn't even need them since everything was so basic, but she still had a blast. Her favorite part of lessons was when they got to go down the slide and jump off the diving board.

I love her face when she comes up out of the water. So intense!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A little about far

We had a yard sale last weekend in preparation for our move to Utah. (Yes, we are moving in a couple weeks.) I had promised Elsie earlier in the summer that she could do a lemonade stand because she saw a little friend of hers having one at their yard sale. Well, it was a big hit, and she had lots of customers. She was loving collecting all her coins for Disneyland! And she even wrote the sign all by herself.

We were at the Nike Factory Store and found these tennis shoes for Elsie. She needed some new fall shoes and some for our trip, and we couldn't pass these up. I think I'm in love with them even more than she is. I want them in my size!

Elsie this month: Loves playing Candyland...she's obsessed. Thinks we need to go swimming every day. Is counting down the days until Grandpa comes to pick her up. Loves to talk, read, watch shows. Couple funny things she always says: "Why did you didn't...?" and while playing games "That little bit helps." (I know only Aaron and I will care about that stuff.)

Kim this month: Stressed about getting stuff ready to move. Having back/leg problems. Getting a decent tan! Enjoying eating cereal again (I'll have to put a stop to that soon). Counting down the days until our trip to Disneyland.

Aaron this month: Training for triathlons and marathon. Taking care of the yard which included planting a new tree and figuring out what to do with the extra landscape rock. Getting really sick of work but only 1 1/2 more weeks. Hanging out with us and taking care of the crazy, sensitive girls that we are! :)

So we are finally making the move to Utah that we have talked about for so long. We are excited! We are renting out our house in Nampa and moving in with Aaron's brother and family. They were kind enough to let us and Charlie move in, so we are so grateful for that. Aaron is going out on his own and is hoping to do some criminal defense, bankruptcy, P.I., etc. He's really looking forward to being on his own, choosing what cases he wants to take, setting up his own schedule, and not having to deal with carnies! Plus he's playing on his friends' flag football team, which he's been missing out on for ten years. Elsie is signed up for preschool down there already. We are looking forward to being closer to family and friends, but we will miss it here a ton. It's bittersweet, but we are ready.