Sunday, June 9, 2013

So far this summer

Elsie is going to tennis camp through the city.  She loves it!  She's pretty darn good, too.  We'll probably get her in some private lessons soon.

We went to the Springville carnival yesterday.  We let Elsie get her face painted and she was in heaven. 

Aaron and Elsie went a few rides.  They both love the wild, spinny rides.  I prefer to take pictures! 

Elsie lost her 4th tooth the other night.  She's feeling pretty cool about it.  The tooth fairy brings a dollar bill folded into something interesting.  So far she's given her a heart, a butterfly, a ring, and a shirt.  

We met up with a friend from school at Seven Peaks.  The girls had such a great time, and I survived the crowds.
We've been swimming a ton, playing with friends, eating out more than we should, babysitting some kids in exchange for swim lessons, getting half off Sonic shakes...and it's only the beginning of June!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Road Trip to Vegas

Back in March, we went a little three-day getaway to Las Vegas with some friends, the Westovers.  We stayed at the Golden Nugget, and had a great time.  The hotel was great, the pool was so much fun, we had gorgeous weather (even better than we were expecting), and we were in great company.  We had lots of good food, too, thanks to Becky's recommendations. 

On our way!  So excited to get out of town.  It's hard for Aaron to pull away from work since he's on his own.  He gets so stressed about not being there to take calls and such.  We needed a break!

We had a cold, gross winter here.  It was amazing to see this kind of temperature!

We stayed right by Fremont St. so we walked around there at night.  Crazy people and crazy stuff!

The Westovers - Merv, Becky, Violet, and Rock
The pool surrounded a big shark tank.  Super fun to watch during the day and really pretty at night.

There was also a waterslide that went through the tank.  Elsie rode on it many times!! 

This girl had a good time!