Tuesday, February 24, 2009

snuggles and ponies

While Aaron was stretching the other day, Elsie got down on the floor next to him and was loving him and snuggling him. She was playing with his hair, kissing him, and being oh so dramatic. It was pretty darn cute. She thinks he is just the greatest thing (not that I don't, too) and loves to be around him. This was an extra special treat for Aaron, though!

Grandma and Grandpa Wise bought Elsie a horsey for her birthday, and it finally arrived. (It was on backorder). After some time (longer than it should've been thanks to the worst instructions EVER!) we were able to put it together for her and she went crazy for it. Before we even got the horse attached to the base, she was riding it on the floor. The horse makes all sorts of sounds and talks and sings, which she just loves.

This picture is the best because she was riding really hard and saying "neigh" as she rode. It looks like she's out of control!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

this past week

We had a great trip to Utah, but I was a little nervous to do my weekly weigh-in. We never eat real great when we are travelling, but it's even a little worse in Utah. There's way too much yummy, sugary food at Aaron's parents house. It takes way too much self-control to say no to everything. So when I saw that I hadn't lost any weight, I wasn't very surprised. The trouble was, my family was coming down to our house the next weekend to visit. We ate well...but this week I actually lost a couple pounds. Thank goodness for the gym!

Jared/Lindsay/kids and Angie and Qiana came down to visit last weekend. (I didn't take any pictures...lame!) I love having my family around. I just feel complete. We talked and laughed, ate good food, played games...it was great. Funniest comment of the weekend came from Carson when we asked what Elsie's nickname should be (since he failed to give her one like he has the other girls). He said it should be "Pure White". Perhaps he's heard us joking around about that. Ha ha...it was so funny. It got a good laugh out of all of us!

After my family left on Monday, it was back to the normal (sometimes boring) routine of real life...going to the gym, grocery shopping, doing laundry, working. Aaron has had a good week of getting clients. That's a never-ending stress for him...not fun!

quick trip to Utah

We've had a busy couple weeks full of lots of fun and family. For some reason, I am just now finally getting the motivation to blog it all.

A couple weeks ago, we got the news that the father of one of Aaron's good friend had passed away from cancer. Aaron decided that he wanted to head down to Utah for the funeral. So, last minute, we packed up and drove down to Orem.

We didn't tell his parents we were coming (but we did make sure they were home!) and surprised them. It was great! We parked the car down the road from their house and snuck up to the doorstep. I hid down by the garage while Aaron put Elsie by the door, rang the doorbell, and then joined me in hiding. Elsie was so pumped and kept knocking on the door. She knew something exciting was going on! Gary answered the door and was speechless. He grabbed Elsie and took her upstairs to show Sylvia. It was so much fun. We ended up having a nice relaxing weekend. Aaron and I got to out a few times by ourselves, we got to see Greg and Piper and their kids (Elsie and Cannon had so much playing...and baby Harper is TOO cute), and we were able to visit with some friends at the viewing/funeral. We were really glad we decided to go down.

We always make a quick trip to the University Mall. Not like we don't have a mall here, but Aaron always wants to go walk around. Grandpa and Grandma joined us for shopping. Of course, Elsie is the only one that got something! Aaron's mom always makes him chocolate pudding with almond flavoring when we visit. Elsie decided to help Grandma with her cooking. (Sorry about the pajama pictures, Sylvia :)

Elsie has so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa Wise. They spoil her with so much attention and love and play while we are there.

Elsie is quite the traveller. I guess it's because we've taken lots of road trips in her short life.

Grandma let Elsie put on some of her lipstick. She thought she was pretty hot stuff.

I'm so glad Elsie is finally old enough to play with Cannon. I'm sure Cannon is too!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

pretty pink princess

Elsie was playing around while I was making dinner last night. I hadn't heard her for a few minutes, so checked on her. I found her sitting on the stairs all dressed up (I had put her tutu on a for her a few minutes earlier) talking to herself. I was dying! She was just in her own little world.

holding hands

Last week when we went to the library we brought another little boy from our ward along with us. He is just a week or two younger than Elsie, and they play together in nursery. Well, not really together, but they are in the same nursery. It was a bit of a challenge keeping track of two 2-year-olds, but we all had a good time. As we were walking back to the car with our other friends that were there, I was trying to hold Ryan's hand and then hold Elsie in order to keep both of them by me. Elsie would have nothing to do with it. She insisted on walking by herself and would not even hold my hand. It was cold outside (yes, I know, she's not wearing a coat...her choice as well!) and I just wanted to get to the car. So, Ryan decided to walk over to Elsie and grab her hand. It was the cutest thing! Sure enough, Elsie reached right out and they held hands all the way to car. How cute is that?!Our other friend, Hailey, had to get in on the fun. She is six months younger than the other two!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the latest

-So we are all sitting on the couch, watching an old Office episode, and playing around. Elsie gets annoyed with me, says "no, no" with a mean face, and points to the tv like she wants me to just go back to watching it. She does this all the time to both us.

-She has always said "ma ma ma" whenever she needed anything. It has gotten to the point, though, where she just walks around saying it even when she doesn't even need me. And it has turned into more of a "muh uh muh uh". It's like she just makes the sound when she's thinking, or maybe slightly struggling with something, or whatever. It's starting to drive me crazy...like chinese torture. Just a constant "muh uh" coming from her mouth. I am not exaggerating this...she's doing it as I type!

-Elsie loves to sing. She's really starting to get into singing the words to all the songs on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and gets really loud. She also loves to sing at the library and in nursery. She's usually the only one you can hear. I LOVE IT!! Combine that with her love of dancing, and I think we've got a star.

-We never leave the house without Elsie's baby, her plastic spoon, and fake piece of pizza. She takes them everywhere...to church, the daycare at the gym, to friends' houses, and the store. She also has to go to sleep with her baby now. When we go check on her at night, she has her baby in the tightest bear hug.
-I have succeeded in making purple Elsie's favorite color. She always wants to wear her purple sock and her purple hair clip. She seeks out the purple crayons. I feel like I have truly accomplished something. If only I could find more cute purple clothes!

-Oh, I've lost 9 pounds!!