Wednesday, September 30, 2009

lovin' this show

All I have to say is "Glee" makes me happy. I wish I could sing!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Videos from our trip to CA

The first morning we went to Disneyland, we saw several of the characters come out onto Main Street. We were super excited when we saw Minnie!

Seeing Elsie skip around with Minnie and give such big hugs brought tears to my eyes. I'm not joking...I was so overjoyed! It was the most picture-perfect moment. I think it should be their next commercial.

Elsie's favorite ride was the carousel. All the little girls were big fans of it. She would always say, "wanna ride horses". She had the cutest little face every time we were on the ride. Like she thought she was so cool, so proud, so serious. It was the best!

While we were eating dinner in Tomorrowland they had this really obnoxious cover band playing on the stage right behind us. It was loud and so annoying, but Elsie and Carson loved it. They totally felt the music and had to show it. (Kind of dark, sorry.)

This is just a video of Elsie walking down Main St. one morning. I love how happy she is...she's got a little bounce in her step.

Lovin' the characters! She would run up to every single character she saw and give them a big hug...even some of the ones she didn't even know/recognize.

I've got tons of pictures and stuff to tell, but I'm taking baby steps. I decided to make a photo book of just this trip, and I've already done that. Maybe that's why I'm not as motivated to get things posted on here?! I'll get some of my favorite pictures posted soon. In the meantime, check out Angie and Lindsay's blogs.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

All that I imagined it would be!

We're back from our week in California...Disneyland and the beach! We had the best time. Seriously, I could not have asked for a better week. I have SO MANY pictures and things to write about, but I thought I would treat you all to this first. Look who we ran into while going through security at LAX!
As it turns out, the whole Quest Crew was there and on our flight to Oakland. I didn't want to bug them for another picture when I realized that, but I think getting Dominic and Hok is definitely good enough for me!!

Well, I guess I'll also brag about the other celebrity sighting Aaron and I had! While we were waiting to get on Soarin' Over California, Courtney Cox Arquette got in line with us. She was with some random people (probably assistants or something). I didn't have my camera...bummer...but I did smile at her and she smiled at me. I was pretty pumped! She's super tiny, short and SKINNY, but looked just like I imagined she would. I kinda couldn't help but stare.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So sick of being sick!

Elsie got hit with a 24 hr flu bug last Friday night. We were up with her ALL night...poor thing! We sat around all day Saturday, trying to rest up and get better. Then Sunday, I got it (not nearly as bad as her) and Aaron got it really bad Sunday night. So nasty! Now I have a cold and feel miserable. Argh! We are leaving on Saturday for Disneyland. We better all be feeling well. The one I worry about is Aaron. He's pretty much a big baby when he's sick and can't even fake a good attitude. I told him I will leave him at the hotel if he isn't happy!

Anyway, the rest of August has been a little more mellow since we got back from WA (oh, I haven't done those posts yet...visit with Mitch and Julie, family reunion, etc.). Last Saturday (the one before the sick Saturday) Aaron and I really didn't have anything on our schedule. We realized it was the first weekend since the beginning of June that we weren't out of town or someone wasn't visiting. Crazy!

Just a cute picture of Elsie, Olivia, and Christian having a little "tea" party and eating crackers. Elsie loves having these two around! Elsie loves "the train game". She loves to line up all the trains on the board. Hopefully she'll love to play games as much as we do!

Not too exciting of a post...sorry. Just wanted to check-in. :)