Monday, July 22, 2013

Our weekend

We had a fun-filled weekend!

Elsie went to Princess Camp with her cousins, Harper and Qiana. 
Our 3 princesses ready for the party

We peaked in while they were still finishing up and saw them dancing around the yard with their wands.  Even though it was SO hot, they were in heaven!

A visit with Cinderella will make any little girl happy!

We went to the Spanish Fork Rodeo Saturday night.  It was such a beautiful night, the rodeo was so fun, and we even got to watch Aaron go down in the arena to help accept an award for their firm.  We all decided the event where they tie up the cow is our least favorite.  Elsie liked when the kids rode the sheep, and thinks she wants to do it next year.  haha.  There is no way she would even get on that thing! 
Family Selfie!

Did you notice Elsie's missing front tooth?  That tooth #5 gone.

Their firm's banner

Another one on the gate

In the arena.  Aaron was worried about getting horse poo on his shoes.

I took a picture of the screen because you can see them better.
We had a party at our house last night with all the Woodruffs that are in town.  It was so much fun!  There were 24 of us.  The kids played so well, and we got to visit and laugh. 
I stole Angie's photo collage from facebook.  Great pics!

A little tribute to Jared.  Aaron says he was still laughing from the picture we took right before this where he is sticking his tongue in my ear.  Oh my! 
That was our weekend!  How was yours?