Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had such a great Halloween this year! We went over to Greg and Piper's for a some Halloween fun. Gary, Sylvia, Angie, and Q joined us as well. They made us a wonderful chili/baked potato dinner, we went out trick-or-treating, and decorated cookies.

All the kids were dressed up so cute! The girls represented Disney quite well, don't you think?!

A little shout out to Angie who helped me (okay, she did the whole thing) get Elsie's "Rapunzel" wig ready and styled. Elsie felt so cool in it!

Elsie had a great time going house to house. She loved running ahead with Cannon, and we had to keep reminding them to wait up for Q and Harper. The weather was so gorgeous, and we were all so happy we didn't have to cover up the cute costumes with coats!

There's nothing like a little sugar to top off the night! We also caught her licking the frosting off the knife.

I've decided I really want to become a Halloween person. I want to go all out decorating the house/yard. I loved walking around to each house and seeing their decorations and costumes. What a great night!


We had the chance to go up to Gardner's Village to meet up with a dear family friend, Janice, and take part in Witchfest. The whole shopping village is decorated for Halloween, and witches set up in fun costumes all around. There's a little scavenger hunt you can do to find all of them, so, of course, we did that. We shopped around, ate some treats, and visited. Janice also treated Elsie to a little glitter face paint. That was super awesome!

I loved the fun Halloween spirit. I can't wait to dress up next year! I loved getting to visit with Janice.