Thursday, June 2, 2011


I love to see pictures of my mom. We made a nice collection of our favorites for her funeral, and I look through them from time to time. Some make me chuckle and some make me miss her even more, and they all make me smile.

Mom "playing" volleyball at the 2007 family reunion. I laugh every time I see it!

Mom with us at Aaron's law school graduation.

Mom and her brothers. I love that they are all smiling and laughing.

Our trip to New England. I'm so grateful we took this trip when we did. What a great memory!

Baby Elsie with her grandma.

I think she looks so "foxy" in this picture. I just love everything about it.

Really not the best picture of any of us, but it kind of shows the "pirate eye" that mom always made when she laughed.

There are so many more I could share! Aaron and I (and my siblings through emails) got a GOOD laugh from some old family pictures last night.

I love my mom.


Piper said...

I'm so glad you did this post Kim. I've been thinking about you all today. Thanks for sharing all of those great pictures. I love your cute mom too. And I love you!

ashleyboice said...

I have been thinking of you guys...I miss your mom so much. I can't even imagine. I love you!

melanie said...

Great post Kim! These all made me smile too. Love her. I love the photo with your mom and baby Elsie. So precious.

Angie said...

would it be weird of me to photoshop Q's face into that picture of Elsie and Mom? yeah...probably...oh well.

I love that wedding picture of yours for so many reasons...but that pirate eye can't be beat!

I think mom was sooooooooooo pretty, and that foxy picture makes me so jealous. never in my life have i ever looked like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh how i miss your mom. I love love that you did this post. These are some fantastic pictures. I think I will have to copy and paste to my own! love you guys. daishan

dirty>south said...

bwha ha ah i totally forgot about her shiatsu massage volleyball pic. awesome.

Colleen said...

I love your mom! She was such a wonderful, loving woman. And SO beautiful! She meant so much to me, as she did to so many people. I still remember her dancing around the house while she packed up when she decided to leave Douglas. LOVE HER!

Janice said...

Everything was way more fun if your mom was there! One of my favorite times was going to the theater to see "Strictly Ballroom" with her years ago - - her laugh made that movie the funniest movie in the world! I miss her always - I can only imagine how much you miss her even more. Love you, Kim!

auntiescary said...

Kimmy - thanks for the awesome post! Janice is right everything was more fun with your mom. I'm not positive but I think I was at Strictly Ballroom with both of them... the foxy pisture is exactly what your mom looked like when I first met her. I was imagine such a "groovy" person was going to join my family! My sister Janice & I got to spend the night at her apt. in DC and we thought we'd died & gone to heaven. I remember so much laughter and love! I miss her terribly and am so grateful to have been her friend and her family. thanks again Kimmy!
Your cousin, Julie.

Samantha said...

Wow I LOVED this post. I had been thinking about your family all week as well, and this post especially made me so happy and in tears at the same time. I love your mom. And all of you.