Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Days

(Blogger won't let me start typing above this picture. That's annoying!)
I took Elsie and a couple friends to Jabbers the other day. They played and played for three hours. What did I do, you ask? Read magazines, read my book, played around on the internet...yes, it was a rough afternoon for us all. ;)

I love miniature things, so this "backyard bbq" setup just makes me smile.
The fun didn't stop there! The next day we met up with another friend at Jumpin' Jungle. It was the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon.

We went to Walmart last Friday night to get a treat for our movie and saw this most beautiful rainbow. My picture doesn't do it justice. It was so bright and so clear. Elsie is so obsessed with rainbows right now, so we were a little more pumped than the average people! Everything she colors has to be done in rainbow order, she has a rainbow shirt that she wants to wear every day, she loves to organize her toys and any objects in rainbow order. As I'm typing this, it sounds a bit OCD (and maybe it is), but it never ceases to make me chuckle.
I've been doing these cheesy yoga DVD's some nights while Aaron is gone. Elsie always gets out her mat and joins me. I love listening to her grunt, watching her really try to get the poses, hearing her correct me when I'm doing something wrong, feeling her crawl under my legs like I'm a bridge whenever I'm in a wide stance, and having her by my side.

I often times think I write too much about Elsie. But is that possible?! This is my life. She is my life! I love her.


dirty>south said...

"rainbow order" is my new favorite term

Angie said...

1. that Jabbers place looks like Q's heaven on earth! maybe we'll have to figure out a way to get there sometime.

2. Elsie doing yoga poses is probably the cutest thing ever.

3. Rainbow order...hahah...yeah that could get interesting ... love it.