Thursday, June 24, 2010

computer troubles

I had to break down and take our computer in last Saturday to get fixed. For about 5 days the screen would start to get lines across it or just be a complete white out. I found out yesterday it's the LCD something that needs to be replaced. $200 later! I've been using our very old laptop in the meantime, but the internet works about the speed of dial-up, so it's a bit frustrating. Plus, it doesn't have wireless capability so I actually have to walk upstairs to use it.

Anyway. I'm here. I'm still reading blogs. I just don't want to use this thing any more than I have to. Hopefully we'll have our computer back next week!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Count Your Blessings

Things that made me happy today:

Getting up early enough to have some quiet time by myself...even read some scriptures. What?!

Having a good, long workout at the gym. I've appreciated the gym more and more lately. I feel so much better when I exercise and release energy and stress. Plus I feel stronger, physically and mentally.

Going to the library and park with friends. Elsie needed some friend time. I needed some friend time. The weather was so pleasant. The sun felt so good. Elsie played and played and I hardly had to watch her. I got to visit and relax on the blanket.

Visiting with a friend who just gets you and loves you no matter what.

Eating Freschetta pizza for dinner. I was not in the mood for the other dinner ideas I had, so we just went for it. I guess it kind of counteracts the morning workout, but well worth it!! Plus, a little diet Pepsi with it never hurts.

Playing tennis with Aaron and Elsie this evening. Elsie is so darn cute with her little tennis racket (why didn't I bring my camera???) and tries so hard every time to hit the ball. Aaron would bounce the ball to her and then tell her when to swing. Her reaction was a bit delayed most of the time, but she hit some as well. She would say "Ugh" in the cutest little voice every time she missed it. She tried so hard and got so excited when she did hit it. Aaron and I were doing a little song and dance when that happened, but then she told us to stop. Aaron and I were able to hit around together for a while. I'm like 1/100th as good as he is, but we were able to have some fun and get some good volleys going.

Getting a text from my sister that made me smile. It's always nice to know when someone is thinking about you.

Hanging out with my family tonight. While I was on the computer, Aaron snuck Elsie some gummy peaches. I knew what they were doing, but I acted surprised when I looked over saw her eating them. She was laughing so hard thinking she had totally tricked me. Now, she's down in bed. I'm going to read while Aaron watches the basketball game, then maybe a little SYTYCD results show, and then bed.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I had to lighten things up a bit! :)

We forgot to take a picture of Charlie this past weekend, but this is a picture from the 23rd. Not the greatest pictures of him, but how funny is Elsie?!
Oh, and Aaron's not too bad to look at either. ;)

Every Thursday we go to the library for storytime with some friends. There have been more and more friends from our ward come and join us, which has been so fun. A couple weeks ago the weather was actually nice enough to go to the park afterward for a little picnic and playtime. It's good for all of us!
Elsie and her friend, Hailey.


I've been thinking a lot about life lately. I have so much I really want to say, but I'm not going to. Sometimes I wish I could just let it all out and be completely honest, but I will never be that kind of person.

Today's my mom's birthday and the day I couldn't wake her up.

I'm so ready for summer....even decent Spring weather.

I had a great Mommy/Daughter day with Elsie today. We played and laughed. I really tried to "live in the moment" (as lame as that sounds) and just enjoy being with her. It worked!! (See I can be positive, too!)

On a funny note: Last night I took some ambien (surprise, surprise) but then stayed up talking with Aaron for a while. I was starting to trip out and thought he had war paint on his face. It seemed so real. I can still picture it now, and it makes me laugh.