Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Easter pics...a little late :)

Elsie's favorite part of her Easter basket was shaking the plastic eggs full of jelly beans. The Easter Bunny brought Elsie a few treats, but she didn't really care. Oh well! Elsie and her cousin, Kaiya, had matching dresses. They were so cute! Yes, we were a matching family for Easter. I know the picture is actually pretty bad of all of us, but I had to show you all how cute we were. I got Elsie dressed and then Aaron put on his purple shirt to be springy. So, of course, I had to wear my green shirt to be perfectly coordinated.Elsie was still not feeling so well on Easter (it was just a couple days after the hospital experience) but we took her out to see if she would try going after an egg. Can you tell it was so cold outside?!
Once we remembered to take her hand covers off, she actually wanted to hold one. Here she's trying to give it to me. How sweet!

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angie said...

that picture of elsie and kaiya is soooo cute. two of my favorite girls! reminds me of how you and i used to have matching dresses for easter when we were younger...