Sunday, May 26, 2013

Train to Temple Square

We have been wanting to ride the new Frontrunner train up to Salt Lake for a while, and we finally got to do it yesterday.  It was a beautiful day, and the perfect thing to do as a family.  After a little early afternoon nap, we headed up to Provo to catch the train.  (I figured out the route/time but still felt a little unsure of what we were doing.  Thank goodness the other times I've had to use public transportation I was with someone that had it all figured out...a little shout-out to Angie!)

Frontrunner was great.  A nice and smooth ride, tables, outlets, wi-fi!  It took about an hour to get from Provo up to Salt Lake.
We got off at the stop by Gateway and just walked over to it.  We remembered that Aaron had his birthday coupon for Tucano's, so we feasted there.  It was amazing!  Really one of the better times I've eaten there. 

Then we took Trax to Temple Square and walked around there a bit.  We sat in the Assembly Hall and listened to some sister missionaries guide a tour of Korean guests.  It was fun to just sit and listen.  We walked through the visitor's center and took some pics outside.

Next we walked over to the Beehive House and did the tour.  It would've been really great until this family came in with two crazy kids.  They were so obnoxious the whole tour.  They wouldn't listen to the missionaries, were running all over the place.  What were the parents doing, you ask?  Nothing.  Just being carnies!  Okay, I'm done venting.  Besides that, it was cool to see all the rooms and picture what it was like long ago. 
After the tour, we walked over to City Creek, looked through a few stores, got a piece of cheesecake and ate it outside.  Doesn't get much better than that!

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Angie said...

glad I can add something to this relationship! haha. Looks like a fun day. Q and I need to use the frontrunner some day soon.