Wednesday, May 15, 2013

special days in May

Mother's Day

I'm so grateful, beyond words, to be a mother to this sweet, kind, tender, funny, smart little girl.  She lights up our lives and is, honestly, one of my best friends.
(Not quite sure why half our bodies are cut off in this picture.  Oh wait, I know.  Aaron wanted to include the tree!)

Aaron's Birthday

So glad he was born 37 years ago!  He's awesome.  He works hard, plays hard, takes care of us, keeps us laughing, and tells us it will all be okay.  
Yummy birthday cheesecake!  So good.  Even Elsie is addicted.


Angie said...

LOVE your dress!!!! you are an awesome mom...thanks for taking care of me and Q too. :)

Aaron rocks. he makes me laugh all the time.

Piper said...

You're a wonderful mom, Kimmy! I'm glad you got to celebrate! Happy Happy Birthday to Aaron! We love you all!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Your mothers day outfit is exceptionally gorgeous as is your family!