Wednesday, May 8, 2013

April Review

It's Good to Have Friends

Elsie has made some good friends this year at school and in the neighborhood.  She loves having friends over to play.  I love to hear them laughing, playing, imagining, bossing, directing, and chatting with each other.

Aaron is Yardy

Aaron has been working his tail off (and obsessing way too much) about getting trees and shrubs planted and sprucing up the yard.  He's always standing at the window, looking outside, thinking about what he needs to do, what he wants to do, what the plants will look like by the end of summer, etc.  He's done a great job, and hasn't even made me help!  I'm so grateful that he cares about making our yard look nice and he takes the time to do it.  And thank goodness for Costco and their inexpensive trees and plants!!

The two trees on either side of the house are new.

Tulip Festival

There is a tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point Gardens that is quite lovely.  We met up with Angie, Qiana, Piper, and Harper one afternoon when the weather was finally decent.  The flowers were beautiful, the weather was not too shabby, and the company was fabulous! 

This flower was called "Obedient Plant".  Piper said I should have Elsie stand there and pose.  That's my girl!

I love tulips. I always have thanks to my mom.  We went to see the tulips in WA many times while growing up.  Those memories remain some of my fondest!

Somebody's Getting Married

Elsie's Kindergarten teacher got married a couple weeks ago.  We threw her a little bridal shower in class one day before she left for her wedding.  I wanted to think of a creative way to give her money from everyone, so I found some inspiration on Pinterest.  My friend and other mom in the class, Brooke, helped me make this money tree.  I love how it turned out, and it was so fun to give it to her.

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Piper said...

what a fun April! Glad we got to see you!