Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day

We got a bunch of snow a couple of weeks ago. It was more snow than we've had in a long time. Elsie and I bundled up and went down to our friends house to play. I had to carry Elsie all the way down the road because the snow was too deep for her to walk in.

We made some snowmen. Our friend, Ellie, made this one all by herself.

Pam and I thought it would be fun to make BSU and BYU snowmen, so I made the trek back to my house to gather up some BYU gear. We thought it turned out pretty cute! When I showed Aaron the picture when he got home, he just said, "You guys are weird." I guess he didn't appreciate our talents!
Elsie got round two of playing when Daddy got home from work.

I'm so grateful I got to enjoy the day with Elsie and didn't have to go anywhere. I'm so grateful for a husband who gets out and shovels snow right away, so we can get around easier. I'm so grateful we don't have this much snow all the time!!


dirty>south said...

aaron was probably just mad you also made a BSU snowman.

angie said...

I am in love with Elsie's hat!!

Nicole said...

What a fun snow day for all of you!