Wednesday, April 2, 2008

bad attitude

I've got a bad attitude! I haven't blogged because I didn't want to spread it around. But I just need to vent.

Elsie got sick with diarrhea/vomiting last Saturday. Then it spread to Aaron and I. We're better, but Elsie is still getting over it. She absolutely refuses to drink liquids (maybe a sip here and there). I do think it's getting better, though. See, I'm trying to be positive.

We got our bill from the hospital. $14000!! What the heck?! Granted, they haven't been paid by our insurance yet, and, with the fabulous coverage that we have, we might only get stuck paying half of it. Well, there goes our plans to get a house or have another child. OK, I'm being dramatic...we're not that bad off. I'm just disgusted that the hospital can charge that much for what little they did for Elsie. It just stinks!!

Then there is the house. Why won't it sell? Nobody is even looking at it. We went around town looking at houses last week for fun and realized the market here is still really good and we really can't do anything until that house sells. I guess we can rent it. I just don't get it.

Phew, that made me feel better.

The good news is...(I'm trying)'s sunny today. I know I have a lot to be grateful for, and I am. I've just been holed up in this house for the past 4 days, and I'm starting to go crazy. I'll be back later with a big smile on my face. :)


Jill said...

Ahh Kim, chin up. Though, that hospital bill is lovely-I would be peeved for quite a while. I will keep my ears open for anyone moving to Boise and let them know about your house. It's crappy having to wait, but I am sure it will turn out how it's supposed to-not that that is comforting in the mean time. Some horrible sickness has been going around. We seem to just be getting over it as well. Let Elsie drink something she hasn't before, maybe it will help if it's new and novel.

Lindsay said...

14,000 bones?! No good. Yeah, we'd be grouchy about that one for awhile. When are you guys gonna come over again? It's Spring Break next week. You should come hang out.

Rob and Tonya Shallenberger said...

We feel your pain when it comes to selling a home. Trying to sell a home in Phoenix is like trying to pull a tooth from a live Moose. We're going to end up renting it to someone.

Glad to hear your daughter is finally on the mend, especially after 14k.

Tell Aaron hi!

Rob Shallenberger

ashleyboice said...

I totally believe in writing when I feel bad. So my life isn't the perfect life like most people "appear to have" but I find it refreshing...and I know people can relate...when someone has to just vent. It does make me feel better.


kim - i am audrey nate o'briens wife. we have met a few times and i have commented on your blog once or twice.

my thoughts on your frustrations ... nate and i have a critically ill child with spina bifida. we deal with constant medical bills and medical debt cause we are both self employed we have the crapiest insurance.i am not telling you for any reason other than to tell you there is a way to deal with this and not go without those other important things you want. you cant look at medical debt in the way you look at debt in general. a house is more important. not that your daughters life is not worth it, it is. but there are ways to work around it. we pay our medical debt but we never feel like we have to pay it all at once. and you dont, its illegal for them to make you. there are things you can do to get some of it written off cause it is ridiculous! let me know if you want more info we would love to help you and explain how we juggle all the medical bills.

onto the house gosh dangit we feel you there too! last year in march we put the house on the market and it was on for 6 months with little action and no offers. it was off the market most of the winter and is now back up on the market and so far no go. we arent holding our breath. its so so so stressfull we wish you the best of luck

Nicole said...

Kim I feel for you guys! It seems like when it rains, it pours! It is hard to be positive when everything is crashing in at once. Hang in there - love you all!

melanie said...

Being stuck in the house for 4 days and a $14000 bill would give me a bad attitude no doubt. I'm glad you found something. I was happy with the sun too.