Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh, how things can change!

So, I wrote that last post this morning while Elsie was napping and things were all happy. Then it all went downhill when she finished her bath and it was time to eat some lunch. I don't know what the deal is, but my child refuses to eat and is driving me crazy!!!!!!! She gets so defiant and screams when I try giving her stuff to eat. Her list of acceptable foods is quickly diminishing. She gets super grumpy because she's hungry, but I can't seem to figure her out.

I love her, but, like I said, she can have quite the attitude. Now she's happy because aunt Gi-Gi (Angie) gave her some Cheezits and she's putting them down my shirt. Always looking for a laugh like her daddy, I guess!


Kacey Nielsen said...

She reminds me of Scarlet so much sometimes! It must be the age. I'm sorry I'm not much help with food, I have the opposite problem. I'm guessing you have tried them but Scarlet is way into quesadillas right now, she also likes vegetables much more if they come in soup. Good luck!

Nicole said...

I hate to say it Kim, but she is darling even when she throws her fits!! I'm so out of the loop with kids that I could not help you out with the food thing! Good luck with that!

Lindsay said...

It is so frustrating when they've got a mind of their own! Hopefully it will get better. She's got good taste though. If I only ate like 5 foods, I think Cheez-its would be in my top 5.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sooo much for your GREAT blogs. It is something I look forward to for info and piks. Elsie may be waling around a little when we see you in May.

Have Aaron check his PMB after tomorrow for a package.

We miss you all.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Love the new photos. What a ham Elsie is! The food thing certainly sounds frustrating. I'm sure it's just her toddler stage. I remember Colleen telling us that Zach went through a stage where he would only eat things "with sauce." Ketchup on fruit? Why not?

Piper said...

Hang in there and try to stay in charge!!

Pete and Court said...


Try putting some Magic Shell over her carrots and peas. That seemed to have worked for her Dad.

Your welcome,