Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lovin' my little girl!

There are so many things about Elsie that make me smile. I just love that little girl SO much!! She can be so sweet, has a great sense of humor, is very smart, and can have quite an attitude as well. She's a little bit of everything!!

She loves to stand up all the time now. She likes it because she can get into things that she couldn't reach before. One of her favorite is this bin of office supplies that I have in our room. She likes to pull the pens out and play with them. It's fine with me until she learns how to get the caps off. She likes to draw on paper too.
I love to see her cute smile and have noticed that she has a space between her two front teeth just like I did.

She loves to push the buttons on the remote control and has now started to actually point the remote at the TV like she's in control. (She's going to have to fight her daddy for that...he doesn't like to give up his remote.) There is one button on the remote that lights up when you push it, so that's the one she likes the most.

There is usually some sort of object, mainly pens and spoons, sticking out of Elsie's mouth. I don't know why but she likes to travel around the house and do her normal activities while holding it in her mouth.
She has two favorit spots to hang out. One is in the bathroom where she can play with everything that is in the bottom two drawers and under the sink. The other is underneath Aaron's desk. If one of us is in here on the computer or doing work, so loves to crawl under there and hang out. I don't think her daddy minds it too much!


Nicole said...

She is too cute! I can't believe how big she is! What a character. Lexi used to love to hang out under the table or piano! We sure miss you guys! Love ya :)

mumovearls said...

I Love the picture of her with the marker in her mouth! So funny that look- You guys sure make a cute kid! -n

Lindsay said...

Love her! She really is adorable!