Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year's!

This last at our house has not been too exciting. Elsie got sick with a bad cold, so we've just been hanging around the house a lot. I took her to the doctor because I was really getting worried about the cough she was having. (It was really bad...I'm not just a paranoid first time mom!) Fortunately, she didn't have anything besides a cold, but she was miserable. There were a couple days where all she wanted was to be held and snuggled. That is not like her at all! She isn't much of a cuddler, so, I must admit, I quite enjoyed that part. She would fall asleep on us, and Aaron and I would be in heaven! The last couple days she has finally started to sound better and act like she's feeling better. However, now I have the cold. At least it's not as bad as hers.

We did have some guests come through town over the weekend. Angie and her friends stopped by Friday night on their way to Utah. Elsie had a very rough night that night, which meant Angie didn't get much sleep. I felt so bad because she had to drive the next day. Then David, Peggy, and 4 of their kids came through Saturday night on their way home from Vegas. It was fun to see them and have a little time to hang out. We visited for a bit and then watched Harry Potter. At least we were able to have a little fun over the weekend.

Needless to say, we didn't really do anything that exciting for New Year's. Although I guess we never really do. I've never been one to want to stay up just to say we did. I know I'm not very exciting! There were some carnie neighbors behind us that decided to do some fireworks for like 20 minutes at midnight. It woke us up, and we were so mad. I was so worried it was going to wake Elsie up. I was able to get back to sleep, but Aaron was all worked up and was awake for the next 3 hours.
New Year's day was nice because Aaron didn't have to work and Elsie was feeling a lot better. We went out shopping a little bit and had a nice lunch at Olive Garden. We love it when Aaron is home with us during the day. We got to relax the rest of the day and Aaron got to watch lots of football. Elsie was loving playing with Wrigley. He's so sweet with her!

(For some reason Elsie was trying to eat her was a clean was funny because she was going crazy with it.)


Alissa Maxwell said...

Your New Years sounds like ours. Complete with the fireworks from the neighbors. Our cul-de-sac looked like a mini war took place, and I was totally paranoid that the noise would wake up Owen.

Nicole said...

Kim - I'm not one for New Years Eve either!