Friday, November 16, 2007

...and nothing

I know I haven't posted in a few days. I can think of nothing to write about. It's been a fine week. Elsie's being as cute as always, Aaron got to come home a little early a couple days, and I've actually worked out a few times.

I thought maybe I could do the list of things you may or may not know about me, but I can't think of anything that interesting. I've been thinking of ideas, and my immediate reaction to everything I think of is that it's lame. Perhaps that can be my #1 thing:

#1: I am very hard on myself and need constant reassurance. Thank goodness I have Aaron around to do that on a daily basis. If he were available right now, I'd probably have him up here helping me think of things to type. I am a total "blue".

#2: I am an early riser. I don't really like going staying up late just for the heck of it. It has become really bad now that Elsie's around because I don't even have the option to sleep in a little. However, even before she was here, I loved going to bed by 10:00...even on the weekends. It drove Aaron crazy! Although I think I've kind of converted him to my ways. The only problem is that he wants to go to bed early and sleep in. I, on other hand, love to get up right away and start the day. I feel like I'm able to enjoy the day and have more time. (Not that I have tons of things that I really need to get done.)

#3: I have major texture issues when it comes to food. I can't stand onions that aren't cooked. Mushrooms make me want to hurl. Chunky yogurt (well, most things that are smooth and chunky) is a problem for me. I'm getting a little better about things as I get older. Like now I'll eat uncooked tomatoes (I still have to talk myself through that sometimes).

#4: I must be completely cocooned while sleeping. When I get into bed at night, I make sure the blankets are totally covering every part of me very tightly all the way up to my neck. It drives me crazy when I can feel air seeping in around me.

#5: Colors have to match! This is a major issue I have inherited from my mother. Whether it comes to clothes, scrapbooking, house name it...I am ANAL about colors matching perfectly. I will spend 1/2 hour looking for the exact shade of paper (and I mean EXACT) that I need to use on a page, and if I can't find it I will not compromise. I've learned my lesson! If I give in and go with something that is extrememly close, it will drive me bonkers. I will never feel good about it. I also have trouble with the whole eclectic look that's really popular in interior design right now. It just doesn't work with my analness. Everything just looks way better if the colors/shades match.

#6: If I could choose one talent to have that I don't, it would be to be able to sing. I love music and singing to it. I feel it so strongly in my heart, but when it comes out it sounds like poop! I love doing karaoke and am always singing in the car. I do kind of feel bad for Elsie when I sing to her...hopefully she'll never realize that I suck! Oh well, it will probably never happen...who cares, right?!

#7: My other dream would be to be an organization specialist. Don't get me's not like I think I'm the best at this. It's just very satisfying to me to have things in order and in little compartments. I love buying containers and having a place for everything. One of my favorite shows on HGTV is Mission: Organization.

Well, that's what I could think of while Elsie took her nap. I'm sure there are many more weird things about me...maybe Angie should compose my list for me next time!


Kacey Nielsen said...

Kim that makes me feel so much better, Jon used to make fun of me all the time for going to bed so early. But I never understood staying up just for the purpose of staying up. I like my sleep wwaayy too much!

And if you ever want to Mission: Organization my house, you let me know. I am in serious need of it... :)

Lindsay said...

Your family and texture issues--I just don't get it. Jared has texture issues with so many different foods too.

You would be an awesome organization specialist. I think you are probably one of the most organized people I know.

Samantha said...

see kim! that was a great list. I don't think I knew most of those things about you!

angie said...

you could have mentioned how you twitch when you sleep. that always made me smile. but great list kimmy!

dirty>south said...

you should have mentioned how you are British.

Erin said...

I totally remember the food texture thing about you. Remember that night we split a cake into 4's at your moms house and tried to each eat a corner of the cake? Was it me you Katie and Christa? I can't remember. Funny huh. FPPF!!!

Colleen said...

I love you Kim! Those were good ones. We should go into business together. I always thought I would be a good home organizer, I even have a name and slogan for our business. Let's do it!;)

mumovearls said...

I think you would make a great home organizer, and that is a great list about your self, I learned more about you.-n