Friday, September 28, 2007


I look so forward to Fridays! Aaron usually gets to come home a little early from work, and we always go out to eat. What more could I ask for?! Last night was a nice, relaxing evening. Aaron had a practice for his flag football team over at the school by our house, so Elsie and I went on a little walk to go watch him. The weather was very pleasant, and Elsie loves being outside. After we put Elsie down for the night, Aaron and I baked up a few Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and watched The Office. It was great! I love that makes me happy. We also watched a Smallville episode from last season. We weren't able to watch it last season, so we're going crazy watching the DVDs to get caught up. It's fun always having something to watch. I love relaxing at the end of the day with Aaron.

Yesterday evening I turned on a little Teletubbies for Elsie. She loves (like all kids do) when the "sun baby" laughs. It always get a big smile out of her. (I don't know why my camera keeps taking blurry pictures...maybe it's me!)

I always had to post this video of Aaron trying to feed Elsie. Sometimes she gets so mad (I know it's because she's super hungry) when we are trying to feed her. It always makes us laugh because she will be eating, and then within a milisecond she'll be pissed! She can be the happiest little girl and the grumpiest little girl all in one sitting.


angie said...

i need more elsie in my life!

Lindsay said...

Cute video!

We watched the Office last night too. It was hilarious!

Piper said...

Hey Kim, how do I make that "blogs I read" list on my page??

Samantha said...

oh look at aaron totally teasing elsie. i love it!

dirty>south said...

I wouldn't eat food from nasally voice guy either