Tuesday, September 4, 2007

still on vacation

We've been having a great time so far here in Utah. We've been able to see family and friends and get to hang out with each other. We came down Friday afternoon with Jared in our car. By the time we got to Aaron's parents house we were starving. We put Elsie to bed and then went to Costa Vida. Oh, there sweet pork is the best! It was 9:00 at night, but we didn't care. We chowed down anyway.

Saturday morning we visited with Aaron's parents and then took a quick jaunt over to the BYU bookstore, so Aaron and Jared could find shirts to wear to the game. Dad got to Aaron's parents' house around 12:30, which gave us enough time to go to Los Hermanos for lunch before the game. The boys went to the game, and I met up with my old roommate Jill and her family for a bite to eat. Well, they ate real food, and I just got a dessert. (Thus, beginning my week of beyond horrible eating!) When they got back from the game, we ordered pizza and they watched football the rest of the night. It was very thrilling for me. But, it was fun to have time to visit with Jared and Dad.

We drove up to Park City on Sunday because Aaron wanted to get some dress shoes at this store at the outlet mall there. The only problem was the store wasn't there anymore. We were not happy...I guess that's what we get for shopping on a Sunday. That afternoon all the family came over to play games and eat some snacks. We had a great time playing "Mafia", "I Love the 80's" game, and "Celebrity". I really love playing games with Aaron's family because we all get into it! It was just so nice to be with everyone.

On Monday, Aaron and I met some friends, Peter and Courtney, for lunch. We really have a good time with them. They're so easy to talk to and are so funny! Then, we went to the mall to try to find shoes for Aaron. While we were there we ran into Tamu and Vana. They were trying to convince Aaron to buy dress shoes with a really pointy toe. I told them that he couldn't pull it off, but they were convinced that he needed to. Tamu was giving him tips on how to look cool. Unfortunately, Aaron doesn't quite have the moves that Tamu does. Oh well!! It was a good laugh. We had a bbq that night at Gary/Sylvia's, but Jeff and Nicole couldn't come because Alexis had gotten sick the night before. Bummer!

Today, Aaron and I went shopping for some more fall clothes for Elsie and found some cute stuff. We also came across a cute little Halloween costume for Elsie. We tried it on her tonight and it is adorable. I can't wait for Halloween! Aaron is at his live draft for his third fantasy football league tonight while I'm here watching HGTV. I guess I might as well go to bed.

We've had a great trip so far, except Elsie's sleeping at night. For some reason she has reverted to waking up during the night and having majoy crying fits. We're sleeping in the same room with her, so it's really not been fun. We've finally just given her a bottle to calm her down. It's really going to suck when we get back home and have to break her of this again. It's worth it at 2:00 in the morning, though! She's been such a good girl and has had a great time playing with her grandma and grandpa. One of the things she loves the most is watching grandma clap...she is fascinated by it. Tonight we had some friends over with their kids, and she was loving that as well. She just lights up when there are other little ones around. She was so happy, she kept rolling around on the floor...just doing roll after roll. She's getting pretty good at it.

I've kind of slacked on taking pictures, but I'll post a few when I get home. I don't know why it's so easy for me take them when I'm home, but I always forget to take them when we are on vacation. We've got a few more days here, so I'll try to make up for it!!


Lindsay said...

I'm glad you are having fun. So funny you ran into Tamu. Can't wait to see pictures and am excited to see her halloween costume.

angie said...

yeah i don't think aaron can pull off the pointed toe either....but it would be funny to see.

dirty>south said...

Would you like eh pointed toe, eh smothaed?

Erin said...

You're in Utah! Our internet has been down and I just got it back up. When do you go home? I'd love to see you if it worked out. Let me know.

ashleyboice said...

Kim I am so sorry I didn't get back to you. I don't have your email address so I didn't know how to post my phone number without all of cyber space being able to see it. I was going to call your mom. As you read I spent the day at the funeral yesterday and then today watched the kids of the mother. So I was jam packed so busy. I am sad I didn't get to see you but...I know how many people you must have to see when you are here. I love you a million...of course I wanted to see you, next time for sure!!!

Piper said...

Yes!! The only thing that wasn't fun was Aaron CRAPPING HIS PANTS all the time!! I'm glad we're close, but really!!! Love you, have fun at the concert!!

Piper said...
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