Monday, September 10, 2007

back to life

Well, my summer fun is over! We got back from Utah last Thursday. It was a great trip, and it was so nice to be able to be with family and friends. I loved having people to talk to all day long and always something to do!! On Friday, we spent the day doing laundry, cleaning the house, etc...

Saturday morning I flew up to Seattle to meet Angie for the JT concert. We had a great day together. We shopped, ate good food, and enjoyed the concert. Angie gives a good recap on her blog! It was seriously such a good concert. He sang every song off his album, and was so entertaining. I was sad for it to end. We had to drive back to ML that night, so we didn't get home until about 2 a.m. The nice thing was that I got to sleep in on Sunday for as long as I wanted. It was a nice feeling that I haven't had a for a while! I flew back to Boise last night. Aaron spend the weekend alone with Elsie. He did a great job! I'm so glad I have a husband who is willing and excited to take care of his little girl. I do think, though, that he was glad to have me back. He seems to realize a little more how much attention she requires.

So I now have nothing more to look forward to for the rest of this month. I know I really shouldn't even be whining, but that's what I do best. I was excited to spend the day with Elsie, though, since I was gone the last couple days. She's such a cutie!


ashleyboice said...

That is one of the best parts of leaving your kids to do something. I am always excited to see them when I get back. Instead of wishing they would just be quiet for a moment.

melanie said...

I love it when Milo experiences what I do. He is always saying, 'I'm so tired. It's a lot of work.' I know I shouldn't be happy he says that but it makes me feel better knowing it wears him out too!

I'm so glad you had a short getaway with Angie for JT. It sounded like a perfect 2 days!

Alissa Maxwell said...

I'm glad you got away for a weekend - what a treat. Both the time away and then the excitement to return are important. Props to Aaron for stepping up and caring for Elsie.

I think you should set a goal of starting a new hobby by the end of the month. Since you said you needed one on your blog, we can all hold you to it... =)

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you had fun at the concert. I was totally wishing I could be there too. It sounded like it was amazing.

It's always nice to be gone for a little bit because when you're back, it seems husbands are always more appreciative of the work you do!