Wednesday, July 25, 2007

sad to say goodbye

Well, I finished Harry Potter this morning. I am so sad that I am done with the book because that means there are not more books to look forward to. Aaron told me last night when he finished that I should slow down and enjoy it, but I didn't take his advice. For those of you who are still readying, I'm jealous!

So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight. That makes me feel better! It is quite pathetic how much I look forward to it each week. Actually, who am I trying to kid. I know my family is reading this, I don't have to be ashamed of my love for the show. Personally, I'm ready for Danny and Lacey to go. Then, I will have a harder time deciding who I'm ready to see leave.

Last night Wrigley came in the house with us to hang out. It was really the first time that I've ever noticed Elsie being interested in him. (which was good for us because she was being a was a great distraction!) Wrigley was loving the attention and kept licking Elsie's feet and hands. It was really cute. Elsie was laughing! Especially when he licked her feet...she's ticklish like I am. Needless to say, she was very slobbery, so she took a shower with Aaron. That's only the second time she's been in the shower, so she is so fascinated by the water coming down. It's so much fun to see her discover new things. She's too cute!

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melanie said...

I said goodbye yesterday too. I was sad but it's a good thing I finished, I was not doing anything else.

Love your blog and your baby. She is a DOLL!