Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Lights

We had been telling Elsie about the pretty lights at Temple Square since last Christmas, and we knew we needed to see them since we actually live here now.

We took a little jaunt to Temple Square with Angie/Qiana, Jeff/Nicole, Tanner, and Alexis. We started off with a feast at Tucanos, and then made our way to see the lights. They were beautiful, as usual, but wish they still did as many lights as they used to do. It was so cold and there were lots of people, but it was a great night out!

We parked by the planetarium, so on our way back to the car we did a little looking around. Elsie's favorite part was the Moon and Mars backdrop where you could take pictures to make it look like you were really there. She was coming up with all sorts of poses, and thought it was so funny. We were having so much fun trying to come up with some good shots!


Angie said...

um...I think me and Q need to check out that planetarium!! Loved our night out with good food, lights, anf good company. :)

Anonymous said...

I love her willingness to pose and make it fun. I'm still sad we didn't make it to temple square to see the lights! love all your latest posts. daishan