Saturday, February 11, 2012

Christmas Dance Recital

Elsie is taking a jazz and tap class this year. This class has been so fun for her. She's had a great time learning new moves, dressing up in her dance clothes, and having a good time with the girls in her class.

Each week they do a series of moves across the floor for practice and a bunch of stretches. Elsie says the stretching is her least favorite part of dance. I'm afraid to say she inherited the horrible flexibility from Aaron...okay, me too! It's quite humorous to watch.

I didn't get her signed up until November, and the class was already preparing for their Christmas performance. Elsie jumped right in and did a great job learning things.

Isn't her costume so cute?! Isn't she so cute?! :)
Grandpa, Grandma, Angie, and Qiana were able to come watch her perform. And, a big shout-out to Ang for helping me with her hair.

Here's the video that Angie got of their jazz dance: (My video of both dances is on good ol' 8mm tape...I need a new video camera!)

They are already starting to work on their Spring performance. It brought a smile to my face when I realized they are dancing to Madonna's "Get Into the Groove"


Colleen said...

Oh my golly, Elsie is so darn cute! That girl belongs on a stage. :)

Marcie Tess said...

Elsie seriously is the most darling little girl! We adore her :)

dirty>south said...

hey, horrible flexibility runs deep in our family! hahaha hey, says the video is private so couldn't watch it.

shauna said...

She does look adorable in that little outfit. How are you guys doing, are you liking Utah?