Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My weekend getaway

Aaron had a CLE he had to go to up in Winthrop, WA this past weekend. I went up with him while Elsie hung out with Grandma and GiGi. I had never driven through that part of WA, and it was absolutely gorgeous. We had to go through Wenatchee and then go up north. The town of Winthrop is tiny and really cute. The main street looks like an old western town. I am so mad that I forgot to take my camera! Anyway, Aaron and I drove up Friday morning and I dropped him off at the lodge where his conference was. I just drove around the area for a little bit and then went back to our hotel and read and slept. It was really nice to relax and do absolutely nothing! After I picked Aaron up, we went out to eat and got a treat for later that night. We hung out at our hotel and played Ticket to Ride (just for the record...I dominated!). It was a wonderful, relaxing day. Saturday morning we ate breakfast and I took him to his morning session. Then, I got a massage! It was fabulous. After he was done, we ate some lunch at a great deli there and walked around a bit. The weather was really nice on Saturday, so it was great to be out.

We drove down to Chelan (where my mom, angie, and elsie were) that afternoon to meet up with them. Aaron took Elsie back to Moses Lake while I stayed there to hang out with the girls. Angie had invited a few of her friends to come up to this timeshare my mom had for the weekend. You'll have to look at Angie's blog for a great recap!

I really enjoyed having this weekend as a little vacation from everyday life. I appreciate so much that Aaron was more than willing to take Elsie overnight so that I could stay up in Chelan with the girls. I feel like I got usual!

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