Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I can tell it's time for a vacation

I couldn't even think about what to title this post because it really is not that exciting.

- We went to the doctor again last week for Elsie's 15-month check-up. She is a whopping 18 lbs. and is 27 1/2 in. long. I don't think she's grown in height since her 12 month check. The doctor was not very pleased with her minimal weight gain, so he wants me to really work on getting her to eat more. NO KIDDING! I wish everyone could really see how much I try to get her to eat things. She just won't. There are always a few things that she likes, but they change fairly consistently. She nevers adds to the list of acceptable foods...she only replaces things. I will have to say that her appetite is way better now that she is finally feeling well. We just have to keep plenty of toast around. That should fatten her up, right?! It's worked for me all these years. Elsie's not walking yet, but she really has fun holding on to us and walking around. It's pretty cute to see her short, little legs trying to take steps.

- Aaron and I spent this past Saturday helping my mom clean out and organize her garage. She bought some shelves at Home Depot that we put together and got everything cleaned up. It looks so much better. I don't mind so much doing that kind of stuff...it is so satisfying when it's all done. We're going to have a garage sale in a few weeks to get rid of some stuff that she doesn't need anymore. I discovered that I still had a couple bins of childhood/high school memorabilia out there. I still have my drill poms! Maybe Elsie will play with them someday. Or maybe I should get rid of them...they are pretty dirty. And, yes, Angie and I still have our Barbies out there. As soon as I get back into a house, I'll have to take that stuff out of there to keep it looking clean. Although my few bins is nothing compared to Mitch's 10+ bins of who knows what!

- I had this weird shoulder problem for several days last week. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling fine, but I bent over to pick up a bag for Aaron and got this shooting pain up my neck. It kind of froze up on me for a minute and then my neck and left shoulder were completely stiff. It took a few days for it to feel good enough to move around and sleep on. I think I'm getting old.

- I think Elsie is finally getting ready to give up her morning nap. I'm not too thrilled about this. She skipped it on Sunday and today. I'm not sure what to do. She took a two hour morning nap yesterday (usually it's only an hour). I guess I'll just keep trying to put her down for a power nap in the morning. The only good part about ditching the morning nap is that I can go to my aerobics class at the gym since it's right when she normally naps.

- The house is still not sold. It is slowly driving Aaron and I insane.

Life is good, but I need a vacation!!


Lindsay said...

I'm so impressed you guys have cleaned out the garage and are having yet another garage sale!

I really hope you guys sell your house soon!

angie said...

kimmie those aren't "our" barbies...they belong to our little sister "julie" remember....?

Alissa Maxwell said...

Um, I hate to remind you, but we are getting old - this is the year we turn 30! You just have a few months longer to wait than the rest of us. Yikes!

Elsie's eating does sound frustrating, but we know you are TRYING!! My friend Sarah is trying to fatten up her little guy too with avacado, cheese, and other fatty foods. Does Elsie like ice cream? Whole Milk Yougart? Amy and I figured out this weekend that it tastes pretty good if you mix it with baby food fruit...

Annie said...

I hated giving up the morning nap!! I still feel robbed.

dirty>south said...

Killer Drillers! Next time we're in ML, let's do the Newport fight song.