Wednesday, December 12, 2007

another Elsie update

So, we've kind of put Elsie through a little boot camp the last couple weeks. She's been on the floor as much as possible. She was really good at rolling all over the place, but was still not crawling.
She did this sort of backward scoot sometimes. (I don't know why she's crying in this picture. She had just been smiling a few seconds earlier. I think it's because she rolled onto the hard floor or something.)

She'd get up on her hands and knees and then fall down or choose to roll instead.

Anyway, I think it's working. Last night she was totally trying to crawl and even made some small movements forward. It was different from anything I've seen her do. Aaron and I were pumped! I know she wants to do it, she just has to keep practicing. Yippee!!

I think she's decided that it's little more fun being more independent. She's much more demanding when it comes to doing things on her own. She's willing to eat more foods on her own and will even hold her own sippy cup....she's still working on the tilting. Grandma Wise gave her a Rudolph nose when we were down there for Thanksgiving, but Elsie wasn't a fun of putting it on. I tried it again the other night and she loved it. She kept trying to put in on herself....and she even kept it on long enough for us to take a picture. It's been so fun to watch Elsie grow and change so much. I love it! It makes every day so interesting. You never know what she's going to be like or do that day.


angie said...

elsie- independence is over-rated. let people take care of you as long as they will. :)

G & S Orem said...

You two are such SUPER parents, and Elsie is progressing very nicely. She is the cutest !!!

Piper said...

It always makes you feel good when your kids are learning new things!

Alissa Maxwell said...

Baby Boot Camp! I'm glad we're not the only ones that think that way. We're trying to do the same thing with Owen and tummy time.

Nicole said...

Get ready for some fun! It is like they become a different person when the crawling begins! It's a new adventure every minute!! She is darling!