Friday, August 31, 2007

waking up

Whenever Elsie wakes up in the morning or from a nap, she gets so excited to hear our voice when we come in her room. She's usually on her stomach still, so she'll start rolling around and going crazy. It's like she's so excited that she can't contain herself!

I am looking forward to going out of town today. Not only to get away and see family, but because we'll Aaron will not be working for a whole week. Yippee! We love having him home, and he hates having to leave in the mornings. Now, it's just convincing him to get up with Elsie in the morning...hopefully it will work!


mumovearls said...

be strong let him get up with her for a week Take the time to stick a pillow over your head and just say NO I"M NOT GETTING OUT OF BED JUST YET!

Lindsay said...

I hope you have fun in Utah. That is so nice Elsie wakes up all happy. When both my kids were babies, they always woke up all grouchy. I think they get that from me though. I wake up grouchy too.