Wednesday, August 1, 2007

nothing much

Life is not too exciting right now, so I haven't really felt like there is much to write about. I wish I were a good writer like Angie. Then I would always have something interesting to say.

Feeding Elsie solids was going so well until the other day. She just suddenly won't take them anymore. She acts like she is gagging and spits it out. I even tried a couple different kinds of food, and she acts like it's the most disgusting thing in the world. I'm a little baffled by it. Of course, I automatically think something is wrong with her, but I'm sure she's just being a baby. For some reason, I can't get it through my head that baby's are like that. I'm too much of a schedule/plan person, I guess. It's driving me crazy! The good news is that she has been a very happy baby lately...laughing and smiling all the time.

Aaron and I re-watched The Bourne Identity over the last few evenings. We can't wait to go see the final movie. Our neighbors want us to go with them this weekend, but that means we'd have to get a babysitter. I don't know about that...too much money! But, it might be worth it for me to get out of the house.

Well, I love to post pictures of my cute little girl, so this one is of Elsie swimming with her Daddy. This was the second time we put her in the water. She enjoyed it much more than the first. She was kicking all around, and wasn't so tense.


Jill said...

Hi Kim! Love your blog! You should see if the local community center does mom n me swim, Jack was 8 months old the first time we did that, or go to the library for story time. Soon the days will be gone that are slow and you will have soccer, school, dance, etc.. Or you can be like me and develop a terrible ebay/ online shopping habit!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Kim, I feel like we are having the exact same experiences everyday only a few states apart! I love it! I always thought I would be a pretty calm, good first mom. I'm nuts as a jaybird! Oh wait, that's naked as a jaybird... who can keep anything straight?

ashleyboice said... are a great writer. I love your blog.