Thursday, August 23, 2007

everyday life

It's always hard coming back from vacation because Aaron has to go back to work and the fun comes to an end. I always love it when Aaron is home or, even better, when we are on vacation together because then I always have someone to talk to and have fun with. It's a big adjustment after a vacation.

So, yesterday I got my tooth pulled. Everything went really well. In fact, the worst part was the shot to get numb, and that wasn't even too bad. He had pulled the tooth all the way out within no time at all. I felt kind of like a big dork for being so stressed about it. Last night I just relaxed and ate a milkshake. Aaron helped with Elsie during the night, so I could just sleep. I had taken a pain pill and slept so good!

Aaron turned in his roster for city league fantasy football yesterday. This makes me realize how much football takes over our lives in the fall. Aaron is in 3 fantasy football leagues, he's going to play flag football every Saturday for about 6 weeks, plus he's obsessed with BYU football. Our weekends consist of watching college football on Saturdays and flipping between all the NFL games on Sunday, so Aaron can check his players. Oh, and he will slip a little church in there, too. I know he loves it so much, but it really starts to drive me crazy after a few weeks. I guess I can't complain since he did watch SYTYCD with me all summer (although I know he likes it!). Let the games begin!

I wanted to post some of these cute pictures of Carson, Kaiya, and Elsie from this last weekend. Carson and Kaiya were so cute with Elsie and loved playing with her. I did have to bribe Kaiya with candy to smile for the picture.


Lindsay said...

Those pics of the kids are really cute! You'll have to email them to me. I hope you feel better!

dirty>south said...

fannnnntassssssy! boo yah!

angie said...

finally i have a picture on my desktop of all three kids. so excited.

Piper said...

Elsie gets cuter every second!! Carson and Kaiya are so big!

Jill said...

I hear you about the football. Nate is coaching High School football this year and is at practice five days a week. Then he is playing flag football on Saturdays, and we have the college and NFL seasons upon us. Jack is in soccer, so my life will be consumed with sports for quite a while. I actually like football, but this is a bigger dose than I have ever had before.

On another topic-does Elsie like that chair thing she is sitting in? That is new-they didn't have that last time I had a baby, but it looks cool.

tamiearl said...

Thanks for the great pics of all 3 grandkids! I loved having you all here and love how much we all enjoy each other.