Friday, July 6, 2012

We went to the Orem Summerfest Carnie Fair. Elsie had a good time. Aaron and I just felt hot and dirty.
Elsie rode with Aaron on the Scrambler and loved it!  She couldn't even see over the handlebars, but it didn't ruin her fun.

Fun on the Patio

Riley, Mattex, and Qiana were here for the day, so we filled up the pool and played outside on the patio.

Elsie and Riley would ride by me on the bikes and have me take a picture each time the passed me.  They thought it was so fun and funny.  Oh girls!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mini Cubs Soccer Camp

Elsie went to soccer camp at BYU for a week this June.  We got her ready with all the gear, and headed over to the indoor sports facility for the camp.  She was nervous and not feeling too enthusiastic about it, but Aaron and her warmed up with the ball a bit before camp started the first day. 
They had a popsicle break each day at camp.  Elsie would always get banana because that's what Aaron likes.

Elsie's coach was so sweet with her.  She was the only girl in a group with 5 other boys.  At the end of camp each day, each coach would pick out and tell about someone from their team.  The first day he picked Elsie and said that he liked how she always followed directions, asked questions, and participated even though he was the only girl.  She was beaming!

She really learned a lot and got so much more comfortable with the ball.  They would do some fun drills and games, but my favorite to watch was "Sharks and Minnows".  The coaches would be sharks and try to get the ball away from the kids as the ran across the marked area.  Once the kids were caught, they became sharks as well.  Elsie would always run on the edge of the group because she doesn't like to be in any sort of crowd, but one particular time a boy was coming after her.  She just kept dribbling the ball straight ahead and just kept going and going way out of the boundary.  She was determined to keep the ball!  It was so cute to watch!